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Removable Dentures

When it is not possible to save your teeth, or you have already lost many and are unable to smile, or chew, we offer the options of full or partial removable dentures.


Full Denture

These can replace a full upper, lower, or both arches of teeth when needed. They are custom made for you in a dental lab, and designed to be a natural complement to your smile, and enable you to chew food.


Partial Denture

These are an option for when only a few teeth are missing and need to be replaced in either your upper or lower dental arch. These rely on anchoring support of your teeth adjacent to help secure and hold the partial denture in place.


Dentures are custom made for you in a lab and fitted in our office. They often have a strong metal frame built in to provide necessary retention for clasps that secure around the adjacent teeth to help hold it in place.

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